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Reflective Practice: Learning from Work

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This course is designed to prepare you for a lifetime of learning by providing tools to help you learn from your own experiences as well as from those of others. This process is explored through three lenses: (1) the individual, using assessment tools designed to help you become more aware of yourself and your impact on others; (2) interpersonal dynamics, exploring how person/role issues shape work group dynamics and can either facilitate or interfere with performance; and (3) organizational focus, examining several frames for thinking about organizational change and growth. This course will provide you with the basis to become a disciplined and intentional reflective practitioner, a hallmark of effective leaders.

Students are expected to be working or interning at an organization during the semester they are taking this course, or active in a work group-like setting (e.g., student group leader, member of a volunteer  board, on a team-based Capstone project).



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