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Terrorism and Counterterrorism Policy

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How do terrorist organizations die? What can governments do to hasten their end? Are there government policies that are actually counterproductive?  After nearly a half-century of experience with international terrorism, governments are still having a hard time managing the threat of terrorism. What does the data show us about the efficacy of counterterrorism policies? Moreover, can the data help us discern the lifecycle of terrorism groups? Are there some basic elements to the organizational culture of terrorist groups that states can use to undermine them? This is a course in the theory and practice of counterterrorism taught through case studies drawn from the major forms of modern terrorism—ethno-national, political-revolutionary and religious-fundamentalist. Students will develop an understanding of the instruments available to policymakers, the ways in which they have been used, and their effect. In the end, the students should be in a position to analyze the current terrorist challenge and propose alternative strategies for defeating or, at least, attenuating it. 

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