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Topics in Urban Studies

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Cities are today are growing fast. The UN projects that continuing population growth and urbanization will add 2.5 billion people to world’s urban centers by 2050.  Even as our cities expand, unprecedented climate events flood our urban spaces, redraw shorelines, and devastate infrastructure.  In the face of these twinned challenges of rapid growth and climate change, how do we design our cities so that they are inclusive, and remain centers of economic growth and creative dynamism that integrate new arrivals, while at the same time becoming more resilient to climate change? How do we ensure that our design approaches promote equity in our cities, and address climate change impacts that are often felt most acutely by populations and areas of our cities that economically vulnerable?  How do we create a design process that is inclusive, that represents the needs of different urban constituencies, and that draws on the creativity of all residents as we address emergent climate shifts?

The Urban Seminar Series is a multidisciplinary forum for research on cities, and in Spring 2018, it will engage with the questions of equity, design, and climate change.  The spine of this course is a Speakers Series that will include urban planners, designers, researchers, practitioners, and artists whose work considers the intersection of equity, design, and climate change.  The Speakers Series will be open to the public, but students enrolled in the course will have the opportunity for small group engagement with the speakers.  The course will provide pedagogical support for sustained reflection on the theme of the series, including a field trip to a NYC-based site that incorporates attention to equity, design, and climate change.