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Topics in Urban Studies

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This course explores the challenges of governing New York City, and promoting social justice and lasting change for the benefit of all New Yorkers.  In New York City, delivering quality public services, increasing equity, and driving large-scale change initiatives is made all the more challenging because of the complex array of stakeholders and institutions that impact the life of the City.  This course will be led by Richard Buery, who recently served as deputy mayor for strategic policy initiatives and led a wide range of successful initiatives including PreK For All, mental health reform, and the launch of the mayor’s office of minority and women business enterprises.  In this course, we will explore how public servants successfully effect change, and consider the roles of the mayor, the city council, other local, state, and federal officials, business leaders, community groups, the press, and other citizens play in making those changes happen. 

The course will include a speaker series with civic leaders who have played an important role in driving City policy.  Students enrolled in the course will have the opportunity for small group engagement with some of the speakers after the event