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Urban Innovation: New Ideas in Policy Management & Planning

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Governments are undergoing a shift—some might say a revolution—in their approach to operations, service delivery and policy making. With the rise of infinitely complex issues such as globally linked economies and climate change, as well as growing gaps in confidence in the ability of the public sector to address these challenges, prevailing governance approaches no longer seem adequate. There is a move to more innovative approaches – that tap into open platforms, cross agency collaborations, public/private partnerships, and public engagement to extend reach and enhance public value creation. 

With a focus on local government, this course will provide a comprehensive overview of the many facets of a new government paradigm that is taking root in various forms throughout the US. The curriculum is designed to function as a live-lab in which students learn new approaches and tools and directly engage in innovations as they’re happening.  Students themselves will be contributing to the understanding of this nascent field.   



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