Jon Cantor


Jonathan Cantor is a fifth year doctoral student at New York University's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service. His research and teaching interests are in health policy, health economics and public health. Jonathan's dissertation includes three papers related to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).  The first paper describes the local food environment for SNAP participants. The second paper observes changes in the local food environment for SNAP participants due to changes in the program. The third paper examines the relationship between the local food environment for SNAP participants and childhood obesity. Jonathan's research interests include policies related to health behaviors. Such behaviors include obesity, food choice, substance abuse and pharmaceutical use. He is currently working on several projects with Dr. Brian Elbel.  First, assessing the impact of posted calorie information on fast food restaurant menu boards. Second, exploring the relationship between fast food restaurants and childhood sugar sweetened beverage consumption. Third, quantifying the Manhattan food environment. Finally, examining the role free refills play on food choice in fast food restaurants. He is published in medical,  nutrition, public health and communications journals. His work has appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine, American Journal of Preventive Medicine, American Journal of Public Health,  Journal of General Internal Medicine, Public Health Nutrition, The Journal of Public Policy and Marketing, and Health Communication. Before entering the doctoral program, Jonathan received both an MS in Policy Analysis and Management and a BS with honors in Policy Analysis and Management from Cornell University.