Experts Who Know that Context Matters

Faculty come to NYU Wagner and UCL from around the world. In their lectures and research they are adept at unpacking the complicated and often difficult realities of global public service. They are experts in their field with ties to the leading governmental and nongovernmental institutions.

As a student in the program, you'll work with the program directors to create an Individualized Learning Plan, which serves as the foundation and guidepost for your advisement meetings throughout the year. You'll have the opportunity to create strong connections with the program faculty and advisors across both schools.

Program Director:

Marc Esteve, Associate Professor in International Public Management (UCL)

Full-Time Faculty:

M. Rodwan Abouharb, Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Kristin Bakke, Lecturer in Political Science

Richard Bellamy, Professor of Political Science, Director of the European Institute

David Coen, Head of Department, Professor of Public Policy

Tom Dannenbaum, Lecturer in Human Rights

Marc Esteve, Lecturer in International Public Management

Robert Hazell, Professor of British Politics and Government, Director of the Constitution Unit

Tim Hicks, Lecturer in Public Policy

David Hudson, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy

Jennifer Hudson, Senior Lecturer in Political Behaviour and Graduate Tutor

Peter John, Professor of Political Science and Public Policy

Roland Kappe, Lecturer in Political Economy

Cecile Laborde, Professor in Political Theory

Lucus Leeman, Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science

Emily McTernan, Lecturer in Political Theory and MA LPT Programme Director

Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Lecturer in Human Rights and Political Theory, Director of UCL Institute for Human Rights

Nils Metternich, Lecturer in International Relations

Slava Mikhaylov, Lecturer in Research Methods

Neil Mitchell, Professor of International Relations

Jonathon Monten, Lecturer in Political Science

Avia Pasternak, Lecturer in Global Ethics

Thomas Pegram, Deputy Director of the Global Governance Institute and Lecturer in Global Governance

Michael Plouffe, Lecturer in International Political Economy

Lauge Poulsen, Lecturer in International Political Economy

Colin Provost, Senior Lecturer in Public Policy

Christine Reh, Lecturer in European Politics

Meg Russell, Reader in British and Comparative Politics

Sherrill Stroschein, Senior Lecturer in Politics

Lisa Vanhala, Senior Lecturer in Human Rights

Anthony Wright, Professor of Government & Public Policy

Julian Wucherpfennig, Lecturer in International Security and MSc Security Studies Programme Director

Visiting Professors:

Sir John Gieve, Visiting Professor

Michael Jacobs, Visiting Professor

Lord Augustine O'Donnell, Visiting Professor

Program Director:

Paul Smoke, Professor of Public Finance and Planning; Director of International Programs

Full-Time Faculty:

John Billings, Associate Professor of Health Policy and Public Service

Gordon J. Campbell, Professor of Practice

Salo Vinocur Coslovsky, Associate Professor of International Development

Rajeev Dehejia, Professor of Economics and Public Service

David Elcott, The Henry and Marilyn Taub Professor of Practice in Public Service and Leadership

Ingrid Gould Ellen, Professor of Public Policy and Urban Planning

Erica Gabrielle Foldy, Associate Professor of Public and Nonprofit Management

John Gershman, Clinical Associate Professor of Public Service

Natasha Iskander, Associate Professor of Public Policy

Paul Light, Paulette Goddard Professor of Public Service

Jonathan J. Morduch, Professor of Public Policy and Economics

Katherine M. O'Regan, Associate Professor of Public Policy

Sonia M. Ospina, Professor of Public Management and Policy

Victor G. Rodwin, Professor of Health Policy and Management

Scott Taitel, Clinical Professor of Public Service and Director of Social Finance at NYU Wagner

Adjunct Faculty:

Jessica Alexander, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service

Richard Alderslade, Adjunct Associate Professor of Public and Health Administration

Louis Bickford, Adjunct Associate Professor of Public Administration

Charles Downs, Adjunct Professor of Public Administration

Leonardo G. Romeo, Adjunct Professor of International Development Planning