EMPA for Nurse Leaders

Who better to drive change in today’s complex healthcare landscape than those at the front lines? NYU Wagner’s Executive MPA for Nurse Leaders takes your experience as a leader or manager at the intersection of healthcare administration and delivery, and enhances it with the latest developments in health policy, health administration, and executive-level management.

From day one of this two-year, part-time program, you’ll find every moment grounded in the real world. All students continue to work full-time while getting the degree, so you won’t have to put your career on hold. Required classes are scheduled in an NYC hospital facility, making it easy for you to schedule school around work, and work around school—and letting them both inform and advance one another. In your final Capstone project, you and your team will find an implementable solution to a real healthcare challenge.

And all this is only the start of how we help you multiply the impact you’re already having and then take it to a higher level. 

What's Distinctive About This Program?

  • Convenience of class time and location. Required classes are held on-site at NYC hospital facilities.
  • Networking opportunities. Special programs bring executives from the field to meet with students.
  • Experienced, accessible faculty. Faculty is invested in your success and available for one-on-one meetings throughout your studies.
  • Direct professional applicability. Coursework enables you to immediately start making informed management decisions on the job.

Is this program right for me?

The EMPA-Nurse Leaders program is designed for bachelor's degree-prepared registered nurses who are already in leadership and management roles and aspire to further their careers.

The program is completed part-time over two academic years and will provide you with the highest level of service possible as you continue your career.

Academic Requirements and Curriculum

Students complete 30 credits consisting of four core courses (12 credits), five electives (15 credits), and a Capstone end event (3 credits). Review the Degree Requirements Checksheet.

Required Courses

EXEC-GP 1830, Introduction to Health Policy and Management

CORE-GP 1021, Financial Management

EXEC-GP 2811, Continuous Quality Improvement for Healthcare Leaders

HPAM-GP 4833, Health Care Mgt I: Control and Organizational Design

HPAM-GP 4834, Health Care Management II: Adaptation and the Professional Manager

Recommended Elective Courses

Students will work with a faculty advisor to select 15 credits of elective coursework from NYU Wagner's offerings, as well as from other NYU schools (including the College of Nursing). Up to 6 credits may be taken outside of NYU Wagner.

PADM-GP 1901, Reflective Practice: Learning from Work

PADM-GP 2170, Performance Measurement and Management

HPAM-GP 2845, Advanced Healthcare Payment Systems

HPAM-GP 2836, Current Issues in Health Policy

PADM-GP 4112, Building Effective Teams

PADM-GP 4135, Nonprofit Governance

PADM-GP 4142, Tools for Managing Nonprofits: Compliance, Internal Controls and Ethics

PADM-GP 4128, Financial Statement Analysis for Health Care and Nonprofit Organizations

HPAM-GP 4822, Healthcare Information Technology: Public Policy and Management

HPAM-GP 4835, Human Resources Management: Principles

HPAM-GP 4836, Human Resources Management: Advanced Issues

HPAM-GP 4840, Financial Management for Health Care Orgs I: Financial Management and Budgeting

HPAM-GP 4841, Financial Management Health Care Orgs II: Capital Financing and Advanced Issues

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Beyond the Classroom

The EMPA-Nurse Leaders degree is specially designed to be a cohort-based program. To develop a strong sense of community and provide learning opportunities that are not available in the traditional classroom, we offer the following extra-curricular activities:

  • Orientation events
  • Individualized and group advisement
  • Guest lecturers
  • Networking opportunities

Partnership with New York-Presbyterian Hospital

In 2006, NYU Wagner and New York-Presbyterian Hospital partnered to create this unique program for nurses. The collaboration has enriched the NYU Wagner community by attracting inspiring nurses and training them to add new knowledge to their work while giving them the skills they need to become more effective managers.

Degree Brochure

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