Residential Displacement and Transportation in Rio de Janeiro:  Rio’s Transformation in Light of the World Cup and Olympic Games

Within the coming years, two of the world’s largest sports games will reach Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: the World Cup in 2014 and the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Both events will attract multitudes of people, investment, and preparation to accommodate these events. This summer, hundreds of thousands of Brazilians organized around the country to protest public transit fare increases as $560 million dollars were invested to renovate the Maracana soccer stadium for next year’s FIFA World Cup.

The Association of Latin@s and Allies in Public Service (ALAS) is hosting a panel discussion that will shed light on a series of policy challenges that Rio and Brazil face, in light of the upcoming sports games. Residential displacement, transportation, and economic development will be the major themes of our discussion. We are composing a panel of experts in the fields of housing, urban planning, and transportation to open our discussion on how Rio’s landscape will change and the impact it will have for the city’s residents.  This event is co-sponsored by the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, the Rudin Center for Transportation Policy & Management, the International Public Service Association (IPSA), and the Urban Planning Student Association (UPSA).