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09/25/2013 Reclaiming Our Democracy: A Conversation with Sam Daley-Harris

Reclaiming Our Democracy: A Conversation with Sam Daley-Harris
Sponsored by Financial Access Initiative and Research Center for Leadership in Action

Most people see working to end global poverty and ensure a stable climate as a fool’s errand.  Add to that the Citizens United decision and the flood of money rushing into politics and the despair grows deeper.   But activist and author Sam Daley-Harris has helped thousands of ordinary citizens transform from hopelessness into extraordinarily powerful advocates.  In the 20th anniversary edition of Reclaiming Our Democracy released in the fall of 2013, Daley-Harris shares how he and the citizen advocacy organizations he has founded (RESULTS and the Microcredit Summit Campaign) or coached (Citizens Climate Lobby) have been leading change-makers in three global movements: 1) microfinance, 2) child survival, and 3) climate change.  Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus says the following in his foreword to the new edition: "The courage this book shows us how to unleash is our only hope to save creation for our grandchildren and for theirs." 

09/24/2013 Conflict, Security and Development Series - Fall 2013 - Humanitarian Effectiveness - Who, What, When and How?

Humanitarian Effectiveness - Who, What, When and How?
with Jessica Alexander, MIA, MPH
Adjunct Professor NYU Wagner, Columbia Mailman School of Public Health and Institute of International Humanitarian Affairs at Fordham University

09/23/2013 Reinventing Global Public Service with Gordon Brown MP

Reinventing Global Public Service with Gordon Brown MP
Gordon Brown is the UN Special Envoy for Global Education, Distinguished Global Leader In Residence at NYU and Former British Prime Minister.

Monday, September 23
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Dramatic shifts in economic, political, social, and technological forces are creating complex challenges for policy makers around the world, but they also open promising opportunities for transformational change. As new parameters of the global public service arena continue to surface and evolve, governments, nonprofits, private sector companies, and international organizations need to craft collaborative, adaptable, and sustainable processes, solutions, and delivery mechanisms. How has public service been changing? What will it look like in the coming decades around the globe? What must we do now to prepare for emerging and unknown opportunities and challenges?

The event is sponsored by NYU Wagner and University College London's joint Global Executive MPA degree program (Global EMPA).

Welcome Remarks: Dean Sherry Glied

Dialogue: Gordon Brown

Discussion and Q&A: Gordon Brown, moderated by Albert Weale, co-director of the NYU Wagner and UCL Global EMPA; Professor of Political Theory and Public Policy at UCL's School of Public Policy

Reception: 6:30pm - 7:00pm
Program: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

09/20/2013 Bridge Bash

Bridge Bash

Bridge Bash is Bridge's annual kickoff event for the purpose of recruiting new members and sharing important information on Bridge's many activities with the larger Wagner community.

09/17/2013 Conflict, Security and Development Series - Fall 2013 - Humanitarian Logistics: Unique Supply Chains, Unique Challenges

Humanitarian Logistics: Unique Supply Chains, Unique Challenges
with Dr. Laura Rock Kopczak, Associate Adjunct Professor at NYU Wagner; Adjunct Professor of Logistics, Zaragoza Logistics Center

09/13/2013 The Act of Killing

The Act of Killing

Join us on September 13, from 1:30pm to 5:00pm, for a rare U.S. screening of the director's cut and discussion of the highly acclaimed film "The Act of Killing." This important and hauntingly original documentary portrays the 1965 state-sponsored mass killings in Indonesia, from the killers' point of view. The film has received five-star reviews and accolades from a myriad of publications, including The Guardian, The New York Times, Variety and others. As The Boston Globe's Janice Page writes, "See this film. I can't be any more direct."

Following the screening, we'll host a discussion with one of Indonesia's leading writers, Laksmi Pamuntjak, on the film's impact in Indonesia. Laksmi is the author of the best-selling novel Amba, which also revolves around the mass killings of 1965, and she is part of a growing effort to recover Indonesia's hidden history. Amba will appear in English this year under the title, The Question of Red.

Refreshments will be served.

Film screening: 1:30pm - 4:15pm
Discussion: 4:15pm - 5:00pm

About the film:

In a country where killers are celebrated as heroes, the filmmakers challenge unrepentant death squad leaders to dramatize their role in genocide. The hallucinatory result is a cinematic fever dream, an unsettling journey deep into the imaginations of mass murderers, and the shockingly banal regime of corruption and impunity they inhabit.

"An extraordinary portrayal of genocide. To the inevitable question: what were they thinking, Joshua Oppenheimer provides an answer. It starts as a dreamscape, an attempt to allow the perpetrators to reenact what they did, and then something truly amazing happens. The dream dissolves into nightmare and then into bitter reality. An amazing and impressive film."
- Errol Morris

To read more about the film and director's cut, visit the following links:

09/12/2013 Rudin Breakfast Series: Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead: A Context for the Next Twenty Year Needs

Join the Rudin Center and the MTA's Director of Special Project Development & Planning, William Wheeler, for a discussion on MTA's changing ridership patterns and growing transit demands.

09/10/2013 Conflict, Security and Development Series - Fall 2013 - Conflict-related Sexual Violence and the Security Council – Implications for the Protection of Civilians Agenda

Conflict-related Sexual Violence and the Security Council – Implications for the Protection of Civilians Agenda
with Anne-Marie Goetz, Chief Advisor, Peace and Security, UN Women

09/09/2013 Launch of the Asian Development Bank’s Report: Food Security in Asia and the Pacific

Launch of the Asian Development Bank’s Report: Food Security in Asia and the Pacific
Presented by NYU Wagner's Office for International Programs and the Wagner Food Policy Alliance

In Asia and the Pacific, food security is being fundamentally altered, as patterns of food consumption and production change alongside global trends—like climate change—in sustaining agricultural output. After 2 decades of positive change, the region is still home to more than 60% of the world’s hungry.

Join us for an intimate discussion with Cyn-Young Park. As Assistant Chief Economist and Director of the Economic Analysis and Operations Support Division at the ADB, Mr. Park led the team that produced the recent and important report, "Food Security in Asia and the Pacific." The discussion with include a conversation on the potential policy solutions to achieving food security in the region.

09/06/2013 Policy Memo Bootcamp: 60 minutes of tips and trick to help you master the memo

Policy Memo Bootcamp: 60 minutes of tips and trick to help you master the memo

Join Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Scott Fritzen for a special presentation on policy memo writing.

08/19/2013 Policies and Resources Orientation August 2013

Policies and Resources Orientation

The Policies and Resources Orientation is designed to help you learn more about your program of study and to get oriented to important policies, procedures, and resources at Wagner and NYU. This session, held at Wagner, will be one and a half hours long and include time for questions.

07/12/2013 Admissions Information Session
06/28/2013 Admissions Information Session
06/18/2013 New York University Graduate Admissions Event for Veterans
05/14/2013 Public Forum: Infrastructure
05/14/2013 Capstone Expo

The Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service proudly presents the

2013 Capstone Expo

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
5:00pm - 6:30pm

Reception to Follow
6:30pm - 7:30pm

The Capstone program is a valuable service that Wagner proudly offers to the city, the region, and the world. Join us for this year’s Capstone Expo where students will display summaries of their work.

05/10/2013 College & Career Readiness Brown Bag Event

College & Career Readiness Brown Bag Event
Presented by the Wagner Educational Policy Studies Association (WEPSA)

Though the number of students graduating high school and aspiring towards college has risen, college graduation rates remain flat, leading policy makers to shift their focus from high school graduation to college readiness. But what does college readiness really mean? How can it be measured? And how can policy-makers use college-ready indicators to help bridge the aspirations-attainment gap?

Vanessa Coca, Institute for Education Sciences-funded Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training Fellow, Research Alliance for New York City Schools, will introduce these topics and lead brown-bag participants in a hands-on look at how college-ready indicators are used in New York City.

The Research Alliance for New York City Schools conducts rigorous studies on topics that matter to the city’s public schools. The Research Alliance strives to advance equity and excellence in education by providing non-partisan evidence about policies and practices that promote students' development and academic success.

05/10/2013 Is Fair Trade Really Fair? The $6.6 Billion Debate

Is Fair Trade Really Fair? The $6.6 Billion Debate
Presented by the International Public Service Association (IPSA)

Does Fair Trade Certification help farmers? Or are companies really the ones reaping the benefits from the Certification label that purports to impact lives and protect the environment? Join International Development Professor John Gershman and the International Public Service Association (IPSA) in a discussion of the merits and challenges of Fair Trade sourcing as a corporate sustainability practice. Attendees peruse several short articles before the reading group meets to become acquainted with the topic (optional). Refreshments and wine will be served.

05/08/2013 New York City's Crime Decline in the Age of Stop & Frisk
05/07/2013 The Use of Economic Statecraft in Overcoming Political Impasse in North Africa

The Use of Economic Statecraft in Overcoming Political Impasse in North Africa

with Julie Egan, visiting professor, NYU Wagner School of Public Policy, Council on Foreign Relations International Affairs Fellow, U.S. Department of State

05/06/2013 Salesforce Workshop Part Deux

Salesforce Workshop Part Deux
Presented by wagner+

Did you know over 18,000 nonprofits use Salesforce? Come add an in-demand tech skill to your resume with our workshop!

Part Two of our Salesforce Workshop taught by Professor Patrick Yurgosky will be held Monday, May 6th, 6-8pm, in the Mulberry Conference Room in Puck.

Please bring your own laptop. Snacks and good company will be provided.


If you missed Part One, easily catch up by:

1) Signing up on the website

2) Completing tutorial 1 and 2 in the Salesforce workbook:

05/06/2013 How Can Africans Unite? Open Dialogue

How Can Africans Unite? Open Dialogue
Presented by the Wagner Student Association for Africa (WSAFA)
Co-sponsored by the Africans Views Organization, AAVOON Computer Solution, and
the AfriMETRO Organization

Tanzanian President Julius Nyerere confessed during the his 21st century African Unity Speech on 6 March 1997 in Accra that the African states' independent founding fathers did not pursue the objective of African unity with the vigor, commitment and sincerity that it deserved.

The first President and Prime Minister of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah, said that 'the People of Africa are crying for unity.

Unity seems just as relevant now, as it was then. Nelson Mandela has a dream of the realization of the unity of Africa, whereby its leaders combine in their efforts to solve the problems of the continent. But the question remains after the feel-good poetry has waned, how can Africans unite? This is the question in mind of most Intelligent Africans all over the world.

How can Africans unite? The unity people are demanding is not that of cultural homogeneity, but that of cultural diversity. Some are even saying there is no need for leaders, just functional systems. Many are looking for unity beyond the oceans. These conversations have already started in many academic places.

Please join us in this open dialogue as we explore the most objective mechanism for achieving the goal of a politically and economically united Africa in this generation.

05/03/2013 Sustainable Sweets: A Conversation with Fair Trade Cocoa Farmers & Oikocredit

Sustainable Sweets: A Conversation with Fair Trade Cocoa Farmers & Oikocredit

Join Divine Chocolate, the Wagner Food Policy Alliance (WFPA), the International Public Service Association (IPSA), and Oikocredit USA in a presentation and discussion with members of the Kuapa Kokoo Cocoa Cooperative.

Ghana is the world's second largest producer of cocoa after Ivory Coast and cocoa is its largest agricultural export. Kuapa Kokoo is a cocoa farmers' cooperative founded in 1993 and now represents over 65,000 cocoa farmer households. It is the major fair trade farmers cooperative in cocoa and in 1998, Kuapa Kokoo, in partnership with other organizations, formed its own marketing organization, Divine Chocolate, which markets fair trade chocolate products worldwide. Established first in the UK, its subsidiary Divine Chocolate-USA was established in 2007, and the cooperative owns nearly half of the company . Since its founding, Kuapa Kokoo has enforced gender quotas for representation at all levels of governance.

Come and hear directly from two cocoa farmers and leading members of the Kuapa Kokoo cooperative. Additionally, someone from Oikocredit USA, a worldwide financial cooperative, will speak about its partnership with Kuapa Kokoo, which enables sustainable agriculture and income generation through microcredit.

Divine Chocolate and wine will be served.

05/03/2013 Wagner Philanthropy Conference 2013

Wagner Philanthropy Conference 2013

At Wagner Philanthropy's inaugural conference, attendees will analyze the role of philanthropy in a wide range of sectors, develop concrete grantmaking and fundraising skills, explore potential career paths, and build a community committed to a common interest in philanthropy. This conference is for students at NYU Wagner, NYU and universities in New York City who are interested in philanthropy; early-to-mid career fundraising and grantmaking professionals; and students of other disciplines interested in how philanthropy will impact the policies, management and financial health of their careers and fields of interests.

For more information, please visit

05/02/2013 IPSA's 2nd Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show

IPSA's 2nd Annual Fair Trade Fashion Show

NYU Wagner’s International Public Service Association is excited to partner with the NYC Fair Trade Coalition to bring local fashion designers who adhere to Fair trade business practices in their production of clothing, jewelry and accessories. Come and learn about these amazing designers, vendors, and watch Wagner students strut their inner model down the runway! Join us for a night of fair trade fashion, food, shopping and fun!

Fair trade is a system of exchange that ensures livable wages to the workers, safe working conditions, and employing environmentally sound company practices. Typically when we think of ‘fair trade’ practices, agricultural products from bananas to coffee come to mind, but fair trade is not just about food. Everything from the clothes we wear to the pens we write with have impacts on the workers who make them.

Designers featured: Mccoll&Clan, Tori Famuyiwa, ReciclaGEM and Reborn.
Vendors featured: Nuts+Nuts, Pokuasi, Kopali Organics, Retalhos Cariocas, Urban Mano Maya, Mushmina, Work Shelter and The Lotus Oddesy, Tout le Monde, Divine Chocolate, Runa Tea, Marquet, Global Goods Partners, and Handcraft Justice, among others.