A Marshall Plan for Haiti: Relief, Educational Development, and Economic Recovery

Date: 3/24/2010
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: The Puck Building, Mulberry Conference Room, 3072
295 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012-9604  map

The Black Student Alliance would like to invite you to join a discussion on a long-term plan on re-building and economic recovery for Haiti

Please join BSA in an enlightening and thought-provoking panel disscussion on an innovative proposal for developing a Marshall Plan for Haiti's long-term economic and educational re-builing and recovery. Dr. Ron Daniels, founder of the Haiti Support Project will discuss his long-term work in Haiti and Dr. Fabienne Doucet will discuss her work on the Haitian educational system and her stuies on Haitian students.Both speakers will discuss the current sitaution in Haiti and assess the short and long-term challenges of re-building Haiti.


Dr. Ron Daniels, Distinguised Lacturer at York College, founder of the Haiti Support Project
Dr. Fabienne Doucet, Assistant Professor of Education at the Steinhardt School of Education

Presented by the International Public Service Association (IPSA), Wagner Policy Alliance (WPA), and Alliance of Latino/Latin American Students (ALAS) Student Groups.