The Broken Society vs. the Big Society:
A Lecture and Conversation with Phillip Blond

Presented by NYU Wagner

As a key architect of the U.K.’s Big Society project, Phillip Blond will apply lessons from the recent U.K. riots to our American political scene, including the current Occupy Wall Street movement. Blond’s ResPublica (  think tank has ridden to sudden prominence with radical solutions aimed at restoring civil society, remoralizing the marketplace and recapitalizing the poor. Their ideas make up a substantial part of the U.K.’s new Localism Bill, now close to passage.

Phillip Blond is a graduate of Peterhouse, Cambridge, a student of John Milbank and a former lecturer in theology at Cumbria. He has been called the "Philosopher King" of the David Cameron government and espouses what might be described as a neo-distributistapproach to politics with cooperatives, localized "non-state mutualism" and other policies that do not fit neatly any of the current political boxes. He offers a critique across the board of the centralized state, big business, banking and the unregulated free market. He has called for a renewal of morality in the market and the institutions of society. British Prime Minister David Cameron's "Big Society" is an attempt to try these ideas in the laboratory of a real country.