The Congressional Decisionmaking Project
Funded by the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress and the Smith Richardson Foundation, this project will ask how Congress and the Presidency can strengthen their capacity to address policy questions that have significant long-term impacts on conditions of great uncertainty.

The Social Entrepreneurs Project
Funded by the Jeffrey Skoll and Ewing and Marion Kaufman Foundations, this project is designed to explore the characteristics of high-performing social entrepreneurs in government, charities, and business settings. The project is designed to develop practice insights on how social entrepreneurs can survive the start-up and scale-up phases of organizational development, and sustain high-performance over the longer-term.

The Government Capacity Project
Funded by the Carnegie Corporation and the Smith Richardson Foundations, this project is designed to explore and improve the federal government's capacity to address the critical policy questions of the future. The project includes research on everything from the changing federal mission to civil service reform and changes in the presidential campaign system.

The Organizational and Community Preparedness Project
Funded by the Department of Homeland Security, Citigroup Corporation, Morgan-Stanley, and Prudential, this Project is designed to identify and measure the characteristics of highly-prepared organizations and communities. Although the ultimate focus is on preparedness for terrorist incidents, the project will also examine preparedness for the normal accidents associated with increased uncertainty in a global economy.

The Center for Public Service

The Center for Public Service