Reflective Practice


Reflective Practice seeks to foster a lifetime of learning by providing tools to help students learn about themselves and others within the context of organizations. The class combines lectures and in-class applications of new concepts. Students draw from their own experiences in the workplace as well as from the experiences of others as they move from individual self-awareness to an understanding of the dynamics of groups and larger systems. With a maximum class size of 20 students, Reflective Practice provides an intimate academic experience. Dean Schall co-teaches this course with Angela Hendrix Terry, an independent consultant to nonprofit and government organizations.

Course Description


Students must be working at an internship or in paid employment at a public service organization during the semester they are taking this course. This course provides students with the opportunity to obtain credit for their internships. This course is designed to prepare students for a lifetime of learning by providing tools to help students learn from their own experiences as well as from those of others. This process is explored through three lenses: (1) the individual, using assessment tools designed to help students become more aware of themselves and their impact on others; (2) interpersonal dynamics, exploring how person/role issues shape work group dynamics and can either facilitate or interfere with performance; and (3) organizational focus, examining several frames for thinking about organizational change and growth. This course is taught every spring.

Spring 2008

Course EvaluationsAnonymous evaluations written by students in previous sections of "Reflective Practice."


  • "Ellen's feedback and comments pushed me to delve deep."
  • "Ellen was great- she was accessible and made this class useful and kept things interesting."
  • "Best class ever! It was great."
  • "Ellen provided very thoughtful comments to participants and challenged out of the box thinking."
  • "Watching and listening to Ellen was a learning experience itself. She is dynamic and something to aspire to."
  • "A truly exceptional learning experience."
  • "Angela's presence really made a difference. She is articulate and genuinely interested in the class's learning and progression."
  • "Angela is a fantastic facilitator and wonderful compliment to the dean."