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Life After Wagner: A Look at Where Our Recent Grads Are Now
From planning firms to city agencies, our alum are out in force, keeping the network strong so job hunting hopefully won't be so painful for us in May. A special thanks to planning alum Alissa Black for help in compiling the list of recent grads.

Keep in touch: If you're an alum shoot us an email so we can track you down when we need money for the Planning End of Year Party. Email with your info.

Marc Abelson | Project Manager, Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City I am a project manager in the housing development department at Neighborhood Housing Services of New York City. I am currently working on a new construction project in the South Bronx, consisting of 14, two family homes for homeownership. Homes are targeted towards people earning between 70-85% of AMI.

Alissa Black | Policy Analyst, Mayor's Office, Office of Operations I work for the Mayor's Office, Office of Operations as a Policy Analyst in the Infrastructure, Administrative and Community Services division.

Meryl Block | housing development specialist, HPD I am a housing development specialist on the executive staff for HPD 1st deputy commissioner John Warren. I just started so my exact role is still being worked out but I for now it is being described as special projects.

Henry Choi | Director of Public Affairs, Union Square BID I am in charge of increasing the BID's public exposure, marketing, public relations, positioning, branding, etc. There is also the web presence that I will be overseeing.

Alison B. Drury | Planner, The Louis Berger Group, Inc. I am a Planner with The Louis Berger Group, Inc. in New York. I am currently working on the World Trade Center Memorial and Redevelopment Plan, as well as support for the new Fulton Street Transit Center. I started at Louis Berger right after I graduated and my job is very exciting and dynamic. I have been able to put to use the skills I learned at NYU Wagner, especially those I learned with our Capstone.

Jill Gallant-Foley | Senior Planner for Saccardi & Schiff, Inc. I graduated from the planning program in May and since then I've been working as a Senior Planner for Saccardi & Schiff, Inc. a private planning firm in White Plains.

Ingrid Lennie | Payroll Accountant, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort I work for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Jackson, Wyoming as the resort's Payroll Accountant.

Sophie Mayes | Economic Planner, Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart I started fulltime with Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart in June. My official title is "Economic Planner" which means I deal with any real estate market studies, demographic analyses or fiscal impact studies that happen to pass through the office. I work closely with Regina Armstrong from Urbanomics who shares office space with BFJ.

Gail Pickett | Garfinkel Architects I am working at a little architecture firm in Brooklyn (Garfinkel Architects) doing construction drawings.

David Quart | Planner, AKRF I work as a planner at AKRF, Inc., an environmental planning, engineering, and consulting firm ( The large majority of our work involves preparing EISs for public and private development projects. Among other projects, I am currently writing chapters for the World Trade Center Site EIS for LMDC and the EIS for Downtown Brooklyn Rezoning/Redevelopment. The work involves field surveys, research and analysis, and coordination with developers and city agencies.

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