Data Science and Data Management

Courses in the Data Science and Data Management Focus Area will strengthen your analytical skills and give you more tools to help you manage increasingly complex data environments across public policy and public service sectors.

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PADM-GP.2172, Advanced Empirical Methods
PADM-GP.2505, Advanced Data Analytics and Evidence Building
URPL-GP.2618, Geographic Information Systems
PADM-GP.2902, Multiple Regression and Introduction to Econometrics
PADM-GP.4119, Data Visualization and Storytelling
PADM-GP.4147, Large Scale Data Analysis with Machine Learning I
PADM-GP.4148, Large Scale Data Analysis with Machine Learning II
PADM-GP.4322, Data and AI Strategies for Social Impact Organizations
PADM-GP.4501, Designing Data Collection for Program Evaluation, Policy, and Management
PADM-GP.4502, Using Large Data Sets in Policy Research
PADM-GP.4503, Introduction to Data Analytics for Public Policy, Administration, and Management
PADM-GP.4504, Introduction to Database Design, Management, and Security
PADM-GP.4505, R Coding for Public Policy
PADM-GP.4506, Python Coding for Public Policy
URPL-GP.4650, Advanced GIS: Interactive Web Mapping and Spatial Data Visualization