MORE TO EXPLORE: Social Innovation

Innovating Divestment and Shareholder Engagement investment Strategies for Social Change

Transform Finance
Scott Taitel
Michael Cox, Stephanie Owens, Kyung Won (Nate) Park, Arshele Tyus
Transform Finance is an investment network for asset owners that connects investors to community-based organizations (CBOs). Transform Finance serves marginalized communities and advises investors and CBOs on how to maximize the impact of their investment and capital. Given the increasing relevance of its work to institutional investors, Transform Finance engaged a Capstone team in exploring new tools to advance social change through the public capital markets. The organization’s goal is to push beyond traditional divestment and shareholder engagement strategies within the constraints of prudent portfolio management. The team conducted comprehensive research and produced analysis about existing capital allocators and financial innovations, while examining innovative tools and strategies for the organization to consider. The team’s research material and analysis culminated in a set of final recommendations for capital allocators and financial innovations.
Capstone Year