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NYU Wagner Convocation | Thursday, May 23, 2019

The Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service's 2019 Convocation Ceremony featured the 286 graduating students, their friends, and loved ones at New York City Center in Midtown Manhattan on May 23.

Developing a Wage Negotiation Platform to Narrow the Gender and Race Wage Gap

Tactical Mentor
Scott Taitel
Michael Вrocker, Harriet Flavel, Jeffrey Jiménez, Jasiel Martin-Odoom, Jasmin Matos
Women earn 54 to 87 cents for every dollar earned by their Caucasian male counterparts. Most of this wage gap is "explained" by characteristics such as experience, education, and occupation. However, over 20 percent of the wage gap is "unexplained" and represents the wage penalty. A significant contributing factor to this penalty is the tendency for women and people of color to refrain from salary negotiation, and a higher likelihood of penalization when they do negotiate. A Capstone team developed the hypothesis that if these populations negotiate more and better, the wage gap will narrow. The team completed a literature review, interviews, a design sprint, and a component design, followed by user testing and product design. They developed a product called Tactical Mentor, which offers finance professionals tools to evaluate their job offers, improve their negotiation skills, and receive better compensation packages. The team developed a business case that presents Tactical Mentor’s value proposition, competitive landscape, and business model.
Capstone Year