Recent & Upcoming Projects

Who Benefits? Symposium on Diversity and Inclusion in Social Finance 

In partnership with the Ford Foundation, the Initiative will host a day-long symposium that will assess the state of diversity and inclusion in impact investing in New York City, and define an agenda for additional research, education, and advocacy to establish frameworks to fuel greater equity in social finance policy and practices. The symposium will convene executive decision-makers from the social finance community and is by invitation only.

Read the white paper on the Symposium

Student-Led Impact Investing Fund

In a joint project with the NYU Stern School of Business and NYU School of Law, students will develop, manage, and maintain an impact investing fund that aims to generate both financial and social returns.

Find out more about the NYU Impact Investment Fund

Case Study Development

The Initiative will develop a case study on the evolution and impact of a family foundation's visionary mission impact investing program.