Microfinance and Social Investment

Conning, J. & Morduch, J. Read more

Six Countries, Six Reform Models: The healthcare reform experience of Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan: Healthcare Reforms "Under the Radar Screen"

VG. Rodwin Read more

A Philanthropy Tackles Growth In Health Costs At The State Level

Sandman, D., & Kovner, A. Read more

A critical Review of Race and Ethnicity in the Leadership Literature: Surfacing Context, Power and the Collective Dimensions of Leadership.

Ospina, S. and E. G. Foldy Read more

Building Bridges from Margins: The Work of Leadership in Social Change Organizations

Ospina, S. and E. G. Foldy Read more

Strengthening of Monitoring and Evaluation Systems in Latin America: Analysis of 12 Countries

Ospina, S. Read more

The Behavioral Dimension of Governing Inter-Organizational Goal Directed Networks: Managing the Unity/Diversity Tension

Ospina, S. Read more

"Government by the People"

David Magleby, Paul C. Light Read more

"Shaping Tomorrow Today: Evaluating and Implementing Long-Term Decisions"

Robert Lempert, Paul C. Light Read more

"Legislating for The Future"

Paul C. Light Read more

Creative State: Forty Years of Migration and Development Policy in Morocco and Mexico

Iskander, N. Read more

How Brazilian prosecutors enforce labor and environmental laws: The organizational basis of creative problem-solving

Coslovsky, S. Read more
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