Health Policy

“Lost to Follow-up:” The Public Health Goals of Accountable Care

Calman, N.S., D. Hauser, and D. Chokshi Read more

The Cost-Effectiveness of Environmental Approaches to Disease Prevention

Chokshi, D., and T.A. Farley Read more

Teaching About Health Disparities Using a Social Determinants Framework

Chokshi, D. Read more

Designing Comparative Effectiveness Research On Prescription Drugs: Lessons From The Clinical Trial Literature

Chokshi, D., J. Avorn, and A.S. Kesselheim Read more

Orienting Health Care Reform Around Universal Access

Cerise, F.P., and Chokshi, D. Read more

Ensuring Progress in Primary Care — What Can Health Care Reform Realistically Accomplish?

Chokshi, D. Read more

Rethinking Global Access to Vaccines

Chokshi, D., and A.S. Kesselheim Read more

Closing the Access Gap for Health Innovations: an Open Licensing Proposal for Universities

Chaifetz, S., D. Chokshi, R. Rajkumar, D. Scales, and Y. Benkler Read more

Leveraging University Research to Advance Global Health

Chokshi, D., and R. Rajkumar Read more

Improving Access to Medicines in Poor Countries: The Role of Universities

Chokshi, D. Read more

The Contribution of Health Care and Other Interventions to Black-White Disparities in Life Expectancy, 1980-2007

Elo, I.T., H. Beltran-Sanchez, and J. Macinko Read more

Measuring the Degree of Integrated Tuberculosis and HIV Service Delivery in Cape Town, South Africa

Uyei, J., D. Coetzee, J. Macinko, S.L. Weinberg, and S. Guttmacher Read more
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