Urban Planning

Context Sensitive Solutions in Large Central Cities

de Cerreño, A.L.C. & Pierson, I. Read more

Sustaining Urban Networks: The Social Diffusion of Large Technical Systems

Coutard, O., R. Hanley & Zimmerman, R., eds. Read more

Decision-Making and the Vulnerability of Critical Infrastructure

Zimmerman, R. Read more

Changing Water and Sewer Finance: Distributional Impacts and Effects on the Viability of Affordable Housing

Schill, M., Netzer, D. & Susin, S. Read more

Revitalizing Inner-City Neighborhoods: New York City's Ten Year Plan for Housing

Ellen, I.G., Schill, M.H., Schwartz, A.E. & Voicu, I. Read more

The Property Tax, Land Use and Land Use Regulation

Netzer, D., ed. Read more

What Have We Learned from HUDs Moving to Opportunity Program?

Ellen, I.G. & Turner, M. Read more

The Role of Cities in Providing Housing Assistance: A New York Perspective

Ellen, I.G., Schill, M.H., Schwartz, A.E. & Voicu, I. Read more

How New York Housing Policies Are Different -- and Maybe Why

Ellen, I.G. & O'Flaherty, B. Read more

Lessons Learned from 22 Years of Testing the Quality Cost Model of Advanced Practice Nursing (APN) Transitional Care

Brooten, D., Naylor, M., Finkler, S., et al. Read more

Setting an Agenda for Local Action: The Limits of Expert Opinion and Community Voice

Silver, D., Weitzman, B.C. & Brecher, C. Read more

Integrating a Comparison Group Design into a Theory of Change Evaluation: The Case of the Urban Health Initiative

Weitzman, B.C., Silver, D. & Dillman, K. Read more
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