Master of Public Administration - Health Policy & Management

Lead Change to Improve Healthcare for All

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Ranked #9 Overall and
Ranked #1 in Health Policy & Management

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Today’s healthcare system is more complex than ever, and is rapidly transforming. This program will give you the broad skill set and perspective you’ll need to address issues of access, quality, efficiency, and cost, and help make policy that builds healthier communities. With NYC and its diverse populations at your fingertips, you’ll put your skills to work while you’re learning so you’ll be prepared to take on the most challenging issues in any healthcare environment.


  • A mission-driven program that graduates leaders who have the skills and values to improve healthcare quality and access.   
  • Seasoned and collaborative students who elevate class discussion by bringing their professional experience into the classroom, and vice versa.
  • A holistic approach that underscores the relationships between healthcare and other policy arenas, such as housing, transportation, and education.

Academic Overview

The MPA-HPAM program can be completed in two years full-time or 3-4 years part-time, with the flexibility to switch between the two. All students take core courses to gain essential skills in management, policy, and finance. Students then focus on a specialization, each of which has a set of required courses and a wide range of electives. 



When you graduate, you’ll be prepared to hit the ground running and make your impact in any sector of the healthcare system, including premier hospitals, healthcare consulting, public health philanthropies and foundations, financial institutions, and government agencies. 

“NYU Wagner was my clear first choice for graduate school, with faculty at the forefront of healthcare policy and management, a location in the heart of a city with no less than five world-class health systems, and flexible schedules that allow students to maintain a full-time career.”

– Bernard Ortega, MPA-HPAM 2016
Project Manager, Mount Sinai Health System