Leadership History

The Leadership in Action virtual platform draws largely on work accomplished by the Research Center for Leadership in Action (RCLA) between 2003 and 2015. With funding from the Ford Foundation, the RCLA developed an approach to leadership exemplifying NYU Wagner's commitment to integrating theory and practice. RCLA designed leadership programs from the “ground up” in collaboration with leaders in the field that drew on cutting edge literature, practitioner wisdom, and peer-learning techniques. Key insights and products of RCLA research remain relevant and are incorporated throughout the Leadership in Action at Wagner initiative.

The expertise developed at RCLA continues to inform NYU Leadership in Action at  Wagner’s capacity to:

  • Conduct rigorous research and apply innovative and participatory methodologies to issues in contemporary leadership.
  • Craft customized and experiential leadership programs to expand individuals' skills and strengthen their organizations.
  • Develop structured convenings where leaders explore the complex challenges they face and enhance their efforts for social change.