Organizational Discourse Analysis Training Series

The Organizational Discourse Analysis Training Series was a web enabled session that provides an introduction to Organizational Discourse Analysis (ODA). The training offers an overview of the theory and methodological choices for conducting research related to ODA.The sessions detail the distinction between “d”iscourse and “D”iscourse and compare typical post-positive questions with discourse questions (i.e., “why” vs. “what” and “how”). It defines how this relates to leadership and issues of context, relational units of analysis, sequence and temporal form--and so on. It also demonstrates using three types of “d”iscourse analyses with data from Katie Conway, emphasizing how tensions and contradictions get generated from clashing Discourses.

Networks and Leadership Webinar Series

Innovation today spans boundaries– it thrives in networks where information and expertise flow laterally, diagonally, and in spirals. Senior executives agree, but say that spanning wide-ranging functional, stakeholder, and geographic boundaries is easier said than done. 

Until recently, networks were seemingly invisible and underappreciated in comparison to formal, hierarchical structure. Recent advances in organizational network analysis and boundary spanning leadership has changed that, yielding critical insights into how to catalyze collaboration, drive innovation, and transform organizations.

The Network Leadership Webinar Series is a collaboration between NYU Wagner, the NYU Leadership Initiative, the Leadership Learning Community, and the Center for Creative Leadership. The webinar series provides a space for practitioners and researchers in both the leadership and network development areas to connect and learn from each other. 

Webinar 1: An Introduction to Networks and Leadership

This first webinar explores the intersection between leadership and networks, and introduces a relational perspective of leadership. The three partnering organizations discuss concrete examples and ideas from their work post which participants ask questions.

Webinar 2: Leadership Development and Organizational Network Analysis

This webinar presented by Chris Ernst, Vice-President of Leadership and Organization Effectiveness at Juniper Networks, brings insights from his leadership development and organizational network analysis, active in both research and practice.

He draws upon the best-selling book Boundary Spanning Leadership to help you:

  • Identify five type of boundaries that limit innovation and the organizational practices to overcome them

  • Experience a case study at Juniper, including what’s working and traps encountered

  • Harvest ideas about how to put boundary spanning leadership and organizational networks into practice

Network Leadership Webinar Series: A Collaboration Between LLC, CCL, and NYU Wagner School of Public Service from Leadership Learning Community.

Webinar 3: Goal-directed Networks and Leadership

In this third webinar of the Network Leadership Series, Professor Angel Saz-Carranza, Lecturer of the Department of Strategy and General Management and Director of ESADEgeo Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics, explores the question of how formal networks of organizations, created to reach a collective goal (also known as goal-directed networks), work to support the overarching network goals. 

The webinar answers questions like: 

  • How do organizational units lead and broker the work of network members to ensure that the network as a whole achieves a collective network goal, finds the direction it needs, aligns the activities of its members, and helps them stay committed and ready to collaborate?

  • How are leadership strategies different when the work is not internal to a single organization?

Drawing from the work of immigration coalitions in the U.S. as examples of an important type of network, Saz-Carranza unpacks the leadership dynamics of formal goal-directed networks. These network member organizations join together to accomplish a common goal that is different from each organizational member but that contributes to advance their individual missions.

Network Leadership Webinar Series: Unpacking Goal-Directed Networks from Leadership Learning Community.