Driving Innovation in US Cities
with Bloomberg Philanthropies

More than half the world’s population lives in urban areas – a number expected to climb to 70 percent in just a few decades.

Cities serve as hubs for invention, cultural exchange, education, and the arts, but city governments also face the challenges of efficiently delivering services to millions of residents as part of ensuring their safety, health and prosperity.

In a cutting-edge approach to major urban challenges, Bloomberg Philanthropies has launched Innovation Delivery Teams in five US cities – Atlanta, Chicago, Louisville, Memphis, and New Orleans.

The Teams are helping mayors develop and deliver high-impact solutions to cities’ most pressing needs – from dramatically scaling energy efficiency efforts to reducing gun violence.

Situated in a mayor's office, these teams of top performers bring rigorous focus and best-in-class practice to identifying powerful solutions, developing implementation plans and then managing for results - effectively engaging all necessary stakeholders to support success throughout the process.

Bloomberg Philanthropies has invested $24 million over three years to enable the five selected cities to recruit and hire top tier talent to staff their teams (see attached press release and news coverage). Over the next three years, each city will receive extensive technical assistance and support through the initiative to get the teams up and running and to identify best practices and lessons as each team customizes the model to meet local needs.

NYU Wagner and RCLA are serving as the knowledge partners for the three-year, $24-million initiative. As part of our commitment to building a talent pipeline for public service, we are designing and managing the Bloomberg Innovation Delivery Fellowship, through which outstanding early-career professionals document each Team’s progress and gather data to help elevate best practices for cities across the nation, while preparing themselves for leadership careers in the public sector.

Together we are discovering what it takes to lead innovation in local government.


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