Crossing Sectors to Find Solutions for the Public Good in the Middle East

Collaborations between government agencies, nonprofits, and private companies are promising policy interventions for addressing social problems. But they are not without risks of “sector-blurring” and losses in accountability. 

Between February 2010 and October 2011, NYU Wagner and the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute brought together regional scholars and practitioners to explore their role in cross-sector leadership for public well-being in the Middle East. The working sessions and public events fostered discussions on leadership that transcends sectors, transforms ordinary citizens into change agents, and opens up new public spaces for deliberation and engagement.

The Program

  • Rethinking the Three-Sector Framework in the Middle East — (October 24–26, 2011) — A collaborative seminar series at the NYU Abu Dhabi Institute entitled “Deepening Research on Cross-sector Social Partnerships (CSSPs)” explored the landscape of scholarly work on CSSPs in the Middle East while bringing international perspectives and encouraging research of regional scholars.

  • Leadership for Public Wellbeing in the Middle East: Transcending Boundaries of Identity and Action — (February 14-16, 2010) — 24 eminent scholars and practitioners discussed leadership and public good in the region in fields like youth and women’s empowerment, corporate citizenship, and community organizing in conflict areas.

​The reports titled "Exploring Leadership for Public Wellbeing: New Vistas for Understanding and Fostering Leadership" and "Appreciating and Advancing Leadership for Public Wellbeing" explore the role of leadership in cross-sector social partnerships in the Middle East.