What You'll Study

Social change leadership transcends organizational boundaries, works to advance systemic change, and transforms ordinary citizens into active agents of change. In doing so, this leadership opens up new public spaces for deliberation, debate and engagement.

The Social Change Leadership Institute workshops focus on the knowledge, strategy and skills emerging leaders need to be successful in work for social change.

Topics include:

  • Leadership Skills: Through personal assessment and inquiry determine your unique leadership assets and the skills you want to develop. Explore new approaches and practical steps to achieve immediate and long-term goals
  • Using Social Media for Social Justice: Use the latest social media technology to engage constituents, connect with other leaders and increase the visibility of your work.
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Developing innovative and pattern-breaking solutions to tough social issues in ways that can be taken to a larger scale and sustained over time
  • Community Organizing: Learn about various methods for mobilizing others to pursue a better world
  • Collaboration: Learn about practices to bridge difference as part of leveraging resources and developing strong coalitions
  • Framing: Understand how framing and reframing social issues through messages and stories helps shift people’s understandings of root causes and solutions
  • Globalization: Engage in dialogue about topics such as power and citizenry in a global context
  • Intercultural/Diversity Capabilities: Draw on culture, race and other types of diversity to enhance your personal leadership capacity and strengthen social change groups and movements