Gordon Brown | 14 Dec. 2010

Ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown spoke Dec. 14, 2010, at a one-hour event
cosponsored by NYU Wagner.
NYU President John Sexton welcomed the former prime minister, calling him
one of the great citizens
Robert M. Shrum, Senior Fellow at NYU Wagner, moderated the engaging
conversation on the pronounced
Gordon Brown fielded questions on everything from China's rapid growth to
the WikiLeaks revelations.
The audience at NYU's Vanderbilt Hall included students, faculty, and the
general public, with repor
Gordon Brown, a current Member of Parliament, has been appointed NYU's
inaugural Distinguished Globa
The ex-Prime Minister called for regulatory coordination across nations and
markets, and discussed h
The visiting dignitary inscribed copies of his freshly published book,
Beyond the Crash, right after