Urban Planning - Physical Design Projects

Mobilizing South Harlem.
Project by Mary Berberian, Rossana Tudo, Anish Patel, Jonathan McGrath and
Community Corridors: A Plan for East Harlem, Green District. 
Project by Krzysztof Sadlej, Josh Sell
South Harlem Community Development Plan, Concepts. 
Project by Thea Garon, Sarah Gastelum, Anina Lat
South Harlem Neighborhood Plan, Design Principles. 
Project by Alex Derian, Hsiang Sheng Huang, Gabe
Harlem HarmoNY: A Plan to Respect and Connect South Harlem, Metro Park. 
Project by Peter Donohue, L
South Harlem: Capitalizing on Community Potential. 
Project by Tony Berkel, Joyce Huang, Beth Morris
Harlem: A Neighborhood of Neighborhoods, Harlem Green Loop. 
Project by Alda Chan, Tai Cooper, Josh
Redevelopment of South Harlem: Religion, Community and Culture. 
Project by Erik George, Eric Meils,