May 31, 2001

Doctoral Publications and News

JUNE, 2001

  • Colin Chellman with faculty member Dwight Denison: "Double Bottom Line Investment: Responsible Investing in Nonprofit Organizations," Journal for Nonprofit Management, Summer 2001, pp. 46-65.
  • Melissa M. Bottrell, James F. O'Sullivan, and Melissa A. Robbins ('01) (with co-authors Ethel L. Mitty and Mathy D. Mezey): "Transferring dying nursing home residents to the hospital: DON perspectives on the nurse's role in transfer decisions," Geriatric Nursing, 2001, pp. 313-17.
  • Allon Yaroni (with co-author David Rosenbloom): "The Transferability of New Public Management Reforms: Caveats from Israel," Israel Affairs, Summer 2001, pp. 81-99.
  • Wagner PHD student Laura Peck has been appointed Assistant Professor at the Arizona State University School of Public Affairs.

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