Sep 09, 2010

NYU Cuts Power to Save Energy

NYU Energy Savings

As those of us who were in NYC this summer know, it was HOT. In fact, July 2010 just missed out on being the hottest July on record, with an average daily temperature of 81.3 degrees. During the first week of the month, both the city of New York and Con Edison called upon NYU to curtail energy consumption, and all NYU schools, including Wagner, were in turn asked to turn off non-critical office equipment and services, including personal computers, lights, appliances and any other electric loads not being used. As the below chart shows, the amount of electricity saved over each four-hour period was enough to power one average New York City home for three years. That’s the equivalent of taking about 7,000 NYC homes off the grid!


• The large blue recycling bins are for all plastics (#1-7), plastic bags, newspaper, cardboard, pizza boxes, office paper, packaging, metal cans, clean foil, clothes hangers and glass. Items covered in food can’t be recycled. 

• We are all responsible for bringing our recyclables to the large blue bins.

Click for information about recycling tech items and furniture.

• To get recycling bins or to report a problem about any recycling issues, call Facilities at extension 81001.


• Request that the person in charge purchase paper that contains 100% post-consumer recycled content. If this isn’t cost-effective, use paper that's at least 30% post-consumer recycled content.

• Always buy remanufactured toners! They are much cheaper on iBuy and just as good as new ones.

Click for information about recycled paper and toner.

• For information about purchasing other office supplies, please refer to NYU’s Environmental Purchasing Guide.


• Save energy by setting your computer to hibernate.

• Save paper by setting your computer double-sided printing.


• Turn off power strips or unplug any electrical devices that are not being used. Appliances such as computers and chargers use power even when turned off.


• Take advantage of the natural light in the Puck instead of using overhead or desk lighting.

• If your office is overheated/overcooled, put in a work order request to Facilities at or call extension 81001.


• Use tap water instead of bottled water! It's free and tap water is more highly regulated than bottled water. Last year, Wagner received a grant to study water purity in the Puck; the study found that our water exceeded EPA standards in every category. Results are posted above every water fountain in the building, as well as above the sink in the pantry.


• Bring in your own dishes and silverware.

• For catered events, the Wagner Special Events office has biodegradable utensils and paper products that can be used.


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