Sep 30, 2011

Collaborative Inquiry at the University of Valencia

From February 2010 to March 2011 RCLA collaborated with a group of researchers from Universidad Politecnica de Valencia, providing training and technical assistance as they facilitated a Collaborative Inquiry research project on the meaning and practice of global citizenship. Eleven individuals participated in this research project, including NGO directors, university professors and high school teachers who are working on projects that support education for global citizenship. The question which guided this inquiry was: What type of education and practices contribute to the creation of global citizenship and how can we improve these practices through collaborative work? The group organized five meetings throughout the year and developed several collaborative actions to apply their learning and to advance global citizenship in their organizations and schools. The group documented the research process and findings in a final report (Spanish version PDF) and planned dissemination activities and further Cooperative Inquires with other groups to share their learning as they continue to  reflect on these important topics. For more information please contact Amparo Hofmann- Pinilla, RCLA Deputy Director

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