Sep 28, 2011

Economist's Paper Calls for New Research Agenda on Emigration

An article that Michael A. Clemen researched as a Visiting Scholar at NYU Wagner and the Department of  Economics is generating a great deal of discussion.  "Economics and Emigration: Trillion-Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk?" focuses on the vast economic losses that result from tightly binding limitations on emigration imposed by destination countries such as the United States (where, for example, the 2010 Diversity Visa Lottery attracted 13.6 million applications for 50,000 visas, mainly from people in developing countries). When it comes to the many policies that restrict emigration, the few estimates of the economic losses to the receiving countries "should make economists' jaws hit their desks," writes Clemens, a Senior Fellow with the Center for Global Development, Washington, D.C., adding "there appears to be trillion-dollar bills on the sidewalk." Yet economists and researchers tend not to focus on what is perhaps "the greagest single class of distortions in the global economy," he notes. Clemens explores why that is so, and goes on to propose a new research agenda.

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