Aug 30, 2011

MORE magazine asks Assistant Dean David Schachter about Nonprofit Careers

MORE, a magazine "for women of style and substance," turns to NYU Wagner Assistant Dean David Schachter for tips on pursuing a public service career in an article in the current issue headlined "Do You Have What It Takes To Work for a Nonprofit?"

"At some point," the piece begins, "almost every woman who works in business thinks, Why on earth am I doing this? Fantasies of leaving the rat race soon follow, fueled by a desire to do some good. At these moments," the article goes on, "working for a nonprofit can seem tempting, especially since there's a perception that such jobs involve less political infighting and offer a more balanced life, albeit with a lower salary. Another aspect of nonprofits' appeal: Despite the current downturn, they're still hiring, according to research by the Bridgespan Group, a consulting firm. In fact, leadership openings are expected to double in the coming years as baby boomers retire and many existing organizations expand."

Schachter, assistant dean for student affairs, provides some helpful advice for women who are switching from a business career mode; he suggests rethinking and restating their skills and experience to underscore their particular relevance to prospective nonprofit employers. He also offers information on retooling one's resume, and on how to pursue a board seat at a nonprofit.



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