Jul 27, 2011

Professor Zimmerman Serves on Panel of Global Experts on Cities' Greening Initiatives

NYU Wagner Professor of Planning and Public Administration Rae Zimmerman served on a panel of seven global experts in urban environmental sustainability for the Economist Intelligence Unit, helping the Unit devise the metholodogy for its newly published report, the "US and Canada Green City Index."

The report, sponsored by Siemens, measures and assesses the environmental performance of 27 independently selected cities in the two nations across a range of criteria. It is designed to help stakeholders in the region address the common environmental challenges they face.

"Cities are cultural and intellectual centers," according to the introduction to the five-part report. "They drive economic activity. And they are the main recipients of new ideas from immigrants, the vast majority of whom settle in cities when they arrive. Cities are ideal laboratories to respond innovatively to their countries' challenges, including environmental issues. It is well known that city life can exacerbate problems such as harmful greenhouse gas emissions or urban sprawl, but increasingly cities are also generating unique solutions to these challenges through effective local policies."

Professor Zimmerman is the director of the Institute for Civil and Infrastructure Systems (ICIS).

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