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Cradle to Kindergarten

Dr. Hirokazu Yoshikawa and Dr. Ajay Chaudry presented and discussed Cradle to Kindergarten: A New Plan to Combat Inequality. Co-authored by Dr. Taryn Morrissey and Dr. Christina Weiland, and now being released in its second edition, their book presents a comprehensive, research-driven plan to invest in early-childhood education. The 2021 edition is updated with newly revised proposals and cost estimates that incorporate what they learned working with several state leaders on developing cradle-to-kindergarten plans and are responsive to the current political and policy moment. Their proposals include a federal child care guarantee, universal early education starting at age 3, and reforming Head Start to expand the program to more younger children and enhance the services provided to better meet the needs of families living in areas of concentrated poverty.

NYU Wagner Capstone Team works with alumna to improve education in Nicaragua coffee fields

NYU Wagner alumna Kristin Van Busum founded Project Alianza, which provides educational opportunities for children at risk of child labor in rural coffee communities, and she enlisted a Capstone team to help figure out how to expand the organization's reach.

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WAGTalk: Atul Pokharel, "Communities and Fairness: From Irrigation Canals to Cryptocurrencies"

What do thousand-year-old irrigation canals have in common with digital cryptocurrency? Both are examples of community-governed shared infrastructure. Professor Pokharel will examine some of the possibilities and limits of communities for fairly governing shared infrastructure—both digital and physical—using his work on farmer-managed irrigation canals in Nepal.

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