The NYU Wagner Middle East and United States Strategy Series Spring 2010: Iran's Pro-Democracy Green Movement

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Mohsen Sazegara is one of the most important figures influencing U.S. policy toward Iran. During the early years of the Islamic Revolution, Dr. Sazegara held several high-ranking political positions before becoming disillusioned with the government in 1989 and pushing for reforms. In 2001 he applied to become a candidate for President of Iran in the 2001 election and was refused. His reformist policies clashed with the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei and eventually resulted in his arrest in early-2003. Dr. Sazegara continues to call on Iranian dissidents to avoid fragmentation and unite in nonviolent action under the pro-democracy Green Movement. His discussion will include an overview of the pro-democracy movement in Iran and its implications for the U.S.