The NYU Wagner Middle East and United States Strategy Series-King Hussein of Jordan and the Search for Peace in the Middle East

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Nigel Ashton, Professor of International History, London School of Economics and Political Science. Across half a century from 1953 to 1999, King Hussein of Jordan was a key player in the world of Middle East politics. Nigel Ashton will discuss his role in the Arab-Israeli peace process and the development of his close ties with the United States. He will also consider the lessons and legacy of Hussein's reign for today's stalled peace process. His most recent book is King Hussein of Jordan: A Political Life, (Yale University Press, 2008), a biography which draws for the first time on the King’s private papers For the last decade, the Middle East has occupied a place of primacy in debates over U.S. global aims and strategies. NYU Wagner will sponsor a year-long lecture series that will bring to campus original thinkers from academics, research centers and government. The Middle East and United States Strategy Series, moderated by NYU Wagner visiting professor Michael Doran, will address one of the most pressing issues on the U.S. strategic agenda.