Title: Conflict Security and Development Series: Building Refugee Livelihoods: Dale Buscher
Publication Date: 10/08/09
Building Refugee Livelihoods: Food Security, the Economic Crisis, and Long Term Development Dale Buscher, Director of Protection at the Women’s Refugee Commission The worldwide financial crisis, coming quickly on the heels of a global food crisis, demonstrates that we have entered unchartered territory. The world has changed in dramatic ways, and it is the most vulnerable who suffer disproportionately from these crises. Refugees endure cuts in their food rations, and humanitarian assistance continues to be underfunded. These crises, however, also provide opportunities - a chance to rethink our business model and the structure and practice of humanitarian aid. Many argue that it is time to end dependency-inducing programs and focus as early and as soon as possible on how to help crisis-affected populations resume their lives and their livelihoods. Dale Buscher discusses our collective thinking about humanitarian aid and how we might progress further on the path of restoring lives, dignity and livelihoods. Thursday, Oct. 8, 2009, 12:30pm-1:30pm
Author: NYU Wagner Office of Special Events
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