Title: A Look at Education and Economic Development: Conversations with NYC Mayoral Candidates
Publication Date: 10/14/09
Presented by the Wagner Policy Alliance Student Group In line with the Wagner Policy Alliance’s 2009 –2010 theme, “Poverty in the United States: A Plurality of Perspectives”, the WPA will provide the 2009 NYC Mayoral candidates with an opportunity to express their views and proposed policies concerning the poor. The purpose of this mayoral candidate panel is to create a forum for discussion regarding city policies that directly impact the lives of poor New Yorkers. Too often, election agendas are remiss of any mention about communities living in poverty. The two broad issues covered by the dialogue are education and economic development (e.g. - asset building, wealth creation, and financial empowerment). Questions about these two issues will be taken from the Wagner community a week before the event, which will be then presented by the faculty moderator to the candidates. The goal is not to engage in debates, but rather to foster a discussion among the candidates. Therefore, the candidates will be encouraged respond to one another in a civil manner. Confirmed: Joseph Dobrian, Libertarian Party Rev. Billy Talen, Green Party Ms. Frances Villar, Socialist Libertarian Party New addition: Jimmy McMillan, Rent is Too Damn High Party
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