Title: Conflict Security and Development Series: Taking Humanity in War Beyond International Laws
Publication Date: 01/28/10

Taking Humanity in War Beyond International Laws Sarah Holewinski, executive director, CIVIC (Campaign for Innocent Victims in Conflict) The vast majority of war’s civilian survivors receive no help, as the Laws of War are silent on what should happen after the bombs have dropped. There is no expectation that warring parties will record casualties, officially recognize them or provide assistance to survivors. Civilians lawfully harmed are often left with nothing. Shouldn’t we ask ourselves if, as an international community devoted to the dignity of the human being, we owe war’s survivors something more? CIVIC is arguing for a new standard of conduct –one that expects warring parties to "make amends" to the civilians they harm. Sarah Holewinski will highlight examples of this principle already in practice and discuss how, when taken together, these practices show an emerging normative behavior in warfare.

Author: NYU Wagner Office of Special Events
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