Title: Conflict Security and Development Series Fall 2010-Russia and the North Caucasus: A spreading conflagration
Publication Date: 09/30/10

Dr Mark Galeotti, Clinical Professor and Academic Chair, NYU Center for Global Affairs The North Caucasus is burning. The war in Chechnya has essentially been won, thanks to a brutal counter-insurgency campaign and the virtual self-destruction of a divided rebel movement, but elsewhere insurgent movements are on the rise. Meanwhile, Moscow tries to grapple with the consequences of its policies, from the willful assertiveness of Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov to the popular dissatisfaction of North Caucasian peoples alienated by years – decades – of corruption, underdevelopment and prejudice. What are the prospects for this troubled and troublesome region, and how does it matter to the rest of the world?

Author: NYU Wagner Office of International Programs
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