Title: Food Insecurity in NYC: Addressing Hunger in Low-Income Communities
Publication Date: 11/16/10

From low-income neighborhoods in the U.S. to developing countries, the inability to find affordable, nutritious food is increasingly occupying the attention of policy leaders around the world. In New York City alone, 3.3 million people are food insecure, meaning they do not have access at all times to enough food to lead an active, healthy life. Please join the Wagner Policy Alliance, the Wagner Food Policy Alliance, and the Wagner Health Network for a panel exploring the problem of food insecurity as it exists in local neighborhoods and communities throughout New York City. Practitioners and analysts will discuss programs and approaches including food stamps, emergency food resources, school meals, and urban farming, to meet short-term food & nutrition needs as well as eliminate hunger, obesity and other health issues in the long-term. Panelists will discuss successes and challenges with implementing these programs on a systemic, neighborhood-wide level and suggest recommendations going forward.

Author: NYU Wagner Office of Special Events
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