Title: Re-thinking Juvenile Justice: Alternatives to Incarceration for Youth
Publication Date: 04/19/11

In January 2011, Governor Cuomo's State of the State speech called for an overhaul of New York State's juvenile justice system, framing the issue as both an economic and moral one. Incarcerating young people strains the state budget, costing an estimated $210,000 to hold one young person for one year. In navigating the tension between the social needs of troubled youth and their families, the financial needs of economically depressed communities that depend on prisons for jobs, and interests of public safety, Students for Criminal Justice Reform (SCJR) looks to various system and community stakeholders to discuss alternatives to incarceration (ATI) for youth in New York City and New York State. We will explore questions, such as: -- What are the needs of youth and families who involved with the criminal justice system? -- What are existing alternatives to incarceration for youth who are arrested? -- What are other potential alternatives? -- What are the benefits and outcomes for youth in community-based ATI programs? -- How can the current fiscal crisis help to support efforts to increase or enhance ATI? The event will take place in a "fish-bowl" discussion style, in which the panelists will sit in the center of the room, and audience members would sit around the speakers. There will have two empty chairs next to the panelists for audience members to join the conversation. We encourage participation of NYU students and people who have been directly affected by the juvenile and criminal justice systems. Panelists:- Vincent Schiraldi, Commissioner, NYC Department of Probation Gabrielle Prisco, Director of Juvenile Justice Project, Correctional Association of New York Jenny Kronenfeld, Executive Director, Esperanza Moderator Ali Knight, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Administration and Director of NYC Justice Corps

Author: NYU Wagner Special Events
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