Title: Uncover and Speak Out: Systemic Violence Against LGBTQ Communities From a Global Perspective
Publication Date: 04/22/11

LGBTQ activists and advocates around the world have achieved unprecedented headway in the recognition, promotion and respect of human rights. Progressive governments have deliberated over and even passed legislation seeking to eviscerate discrepancies in health care access, grant marriage and partnering rights, foster safety and promote decriminalization. Some countries are following a road map toward more egalitarian societies, where being LGBTQ-identified is not a factor of exclusion or discrimination. However, despite this outstanding progress, LGBT communities throughout the world are particularly vulnerable to different types of systemic violence, human rights abuses and threats. This event will follow the Fishbowl format, in which speakers will have a dialogue in a circle at the center of the room. Later in the presentation, interested audience members can briefly join the circle in order to share their expertise and responses, based in their own experiences. After audience members have a chance to share, our invited speakers will have final words. Panelists to Include: Pamela Denzer, Immigration Equality Breana George, NYU Wagner Thokozani Ndaba, Ford Foundation International Fellow 2010, NYU Steinhardt Faraz Sanei, Human Rights Watch Sandra Villalobos, Vera Institute of Justice Moderated by: Karina Claudio, Make the Road New York

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