Title: 2007 Migration and Global Health Conference
Publication Date: 02/15/07
The topic for the conference is international migration and its interactions with global health. Why are developing countries so predisposed to this movement of workers? What short and long term effects will it have on the health systems of the developing world? Many factors contribute to the supply and demand of health care workers, its impact on health in the affected countries, and various policy approaches that have been developed by governments and donors.Panelists include: Linda Aiken, PhD, FAAN, FRCN, RN, Claire M. Fagin Leadership Professor in Nursing, professor of sociology, and director of the Center for Health Outcomes and Policy Research, University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Jo Ivey Boufford, M.D., professor of health policy and public service, NYU Wagner, and president, New York Academy of Medicine. Richard A. Cooper, M.D., senior fellow, professor of medicine, Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics, School of Medicine Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.and Moderated by Natasha Iskander, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Public Policy, NYU Wagner.
Author: NYU Wagner Public Se
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