Conference Room Laptops

Using Laptops on the Third Floor

Our Aquino, Mulberry and Jersey conference rooms on the 3rd floor are now equipped with a laptop computer, a video cable to connect to the room's projector, an Ethernet cable to connect to the Internet, an audio cable to connect to the room's speakers, and a standard extension cord.

Request Key to Laptop Cabinet at Reception Desk

In each room, the equipment is stored in a small, locked cabinet. Wagner staff wishing to use the computer equipment in any of these 3rd floor conference rooms simply need to request the key to the room's cabinet from the Reception Desk. Users will be required to submit their NYU ID card when borrowing the key.

Instruction Sheet

An instruction sheet is provided in the cabinets with the laptop and the cables. The instruction sheet provides a step-by-step guide to connecting the cables and operating the laptop in conjunction with the room's projector.

View the Instruction Sheet.

Removable Media Drives

The laptops stored in the cabinets all have CD drives that can also read DVDs. Users who need to work with the old 3.5-inch diskettes may eject the laptop's CD/DVD drive (laptop power must be OFF) and insert its 3.5-inch drive which can be found in the bottom drawer of the cabinet. The laptops also have several USB ports into which devices such as flash memory drives may be plugged.

Connecting to the Internet

All of the laptops are equipped with the special VPN software that provides for a wireless connection to the Internet, but a more reliable Internet connection can be established by connecting the laptop to any of the room's ORANGE data ports with the Ethernet cable provided in the cabinet.

Sockets and Ports

Most of the conference rooms' standard electrical sockets and Internet ports can be found in the floor panels; be aware that you may need to use an object such as a key to pry up the thin metal rod that serves as the handle for opening the cover of these floor panels.

Storing Equipment After Use

It is unfortunate that we have to add this, but: PLEASE have some consideration for the people who will use the equipment after you. When you're done, please wind up the cables neatly. Put the laptop and instruction sheet back in the TOP drawer of the cabinet, and put the mouse and all of the cables back in the BOTTOM drawer.

Instruction Manual