Computer Support Services and Policies

NYU Wagner IT provides support for over three-hundred computers and mobile devices at The Puck Building with a primary focus on troubleshooting hardware and software issues. 



    Contact Desktop Support

    Support Services: We provide a range of services to support your computer devices. Read More

    Computer Life Cycle: Your primary computer is purchased by Wagner IT, based on the standard configuration for a desktop or laptop unit. Read More

    Response Time: Once you submit a case to Desktop Support, you will be contacted about your case within one working day.

    Prioritization: We prioritize cases based on scope of impact to individual and group business processes, with a focus on computers purchased by NYU. Read More

    Your Responsibilities: NYU requires you to adhere to the “Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers & Data,” and Wagner IT requests you adhere to the following guidelines and best practices. Read More

    Administrative Rights Policy: Administrative rights are only provided to faculty members and researchers upon request due to constantly changing research and software needs. We will review the request and make a decision based on perceived business need.

    Limitations and Exclusions: Due to staffing resources, we do not support student laptops, home networks, and some other services.   Read More

    FAQ: You may review common questions we receive from the Wagner community. Read More

    Questions:  If you have any problems or concerns related to the service provided, please contact Lawrence Mirsky, Director of Wagner IT.

      Computer Support Services

      We provide the following services: 

      • Configuration of Wagner computer devices, the installation of supported software, and related upgrades. 
      • Skilled maintenance and repair.
      • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving hardware and software problems.
      • Removing viruses/spyware/malware from infected computers and re-imaging/rebuilding those which cannot be cleaned.
      • Removing compromised computers from use, and elevating issues to the NYU IT security team.
      • Maintaining the target replacement cycle for computers.
      • Assisting in the move of IT equipment for individuals relocating within Wagner. For multi-user moves, please contact Wagner Facilities. Wagner IT will assist with disconnection/connectivity.
      • Printer maintenance and toner replacement.
      • Troubleshooting and training of Zoom and video conferencing systems.



        Wagner IT prioritizes requests to ensure issues are dealt with on a timely basis, based on impact.

        Critical - A problem that affects the entire Wagner community or a large group of users,  and/or poses a serious threat to security.
        Major - A problem that affects the entire Wagner community or a large group of users, but poses no serious threat to security.

        High - A significant problem affecting one or more users with no alternative work around.

        Medium - A disruption in service for a single user with an available workaround or reduced quality of service.

        Low - No significant impact on business process, and/or the request is considered “nice to have” or “preferred.”


        Your Responsibilities

        • Adhere by all of New York University's Information Technology policies and guidelines.
        • You provide us with a detailed description of the problem/service request for which you are seeking help.
        • You consult us prior to purchasing any new hardware or software, as some items may not be supported. 
        • You do not re-partition computers or configure systems with dual/multiple-boot options. 
        • You agree to have your desktop PC attached to the Wagner network for use on-site unless grant restrictions prohibit it. 
        • You drop off any portable devices requiring maintenance.
        • You maintain a clean keyboard and mouse if they require hands-on assistance from Wagner IT.
        • You provide us with feedback through this form: We'll use this information to evaluate and manage service continuity.


          Service Limitations and Exclusions

          Wagner IT does not cover the following services:

          • Student laptops.
          • Support when we suspect that an issue has been caused by unsupported third-party hardware.  
          • Picking up or dropping off hardware to anywhere outside of The Puck Building. 
          • Support for dual/multi-boot systems. We do not support computers that have been partitioned with multiple operating systems, regardless of hardware and operating systems involved.
          • Support for systems where third party software has been deemed to cause issues that we are unable to address.
          • We are unable to guarantee service levels when equipment failure is related to abuse or staffing levels are low due to unexpected illness and weather conditions.