Computer Support Services and Policies

NYU Wagner IT provides support for over three-hundred computers and mobile devices at The Puck Building with a primary focus on troubleshooting hardware and software issues. 



    Contact Desktop Support

    Support Services: We provide a range of services to support your computer devices. Read More

    Computer Life Cycle: Your primary computer is purchased by Wagner IT, based on the standard configuration for a desktop or laptop unit. Read More

    Response Time: Once you submit a case to Desktop Support, you will be contacted about your case within one working day.

    Prioritization: We prioritize cases based on scope of impact to individual and group business processes, with a focus on computers purchased by NYU. Read More

    Your Responsibilities: NYU requires you to adhere to the “Policy on Responsible Use of NYU Computers & Data,” and Wagner IT requests you adhere to the following guidelines and best practices. Read More

    Administrative Rights Policy: Administrative right are only provided to faculty members and researchers upon request due to constantly changing research and software needs. We will review the request and make a decision based on perceived business need.

    Limitations and Exclusions: Due to staffing resources, we do not support student laptops, home networks, and some other services.   Read More

    FAQ: You may review common questions we receive from the Wagner community. Read More

    Questions:  If you have any problems or concerns related to the service provided, please contact Lawrence Mirsky, Director of Wagner IT.

      Computer Support Services

      We provide the following services: 

      • Configuration of Wagner computers and mobile devices, and installation of supported software. 
      • Upgrading of existing computers to the most stable version for a particular configuration.
      • Skilled maintenance and repair.
      • Troubleshooting, diagnosing, and resolving hardware and software problems.
      • Removing viruses/spyware/malware from infected computers and re-imaging/rebuilding those which cannot be cleaned.
      • Removing compromised computers from use, and elevating issues to the NYU IT security team.
      • Maintaining the target replacement cycle for computers.
      • Assisting in the move of IT equipment for individuals relocating within Wagner. For multi-user moves, please contact Wagner Facilities. Wagner IT will assist with disconnection/connectivity.
      • Printer maintenance and toner replacement.
      • Troubleshooting and training of Webex and video conferencing system.



        Wagner IT prioritizes requests to ensure issues are dealt with on a timely basis.

        Critical - A problem that affects the entire Wagner community or a large group of users,  and/or poses a serious threat to security.
        Major - A problem that affects the entire Wagner community or a large group of users, but poses no serious threat to security.

        High - A significant problem affecting one or more users with no alternative work around.

        Medium - A disruption in service for a single user with an available workaround or reduced quality of service.

        Low - No significant impact on business process, and/or the request is considered “nice to have” or “preferred.”


        Your Responsibilities

        • Adhere by all of New York University's Information Technology policies and guidelines.
        • You provide us with a detailed description of the problem/service request for which you are seeking help.
        • You consult us prior to purchasing any new hardware or software, as some items may not be supported. 
        • You do not re-partition computers or configure systems with dual/multiple-boot options. 
        • You agree to have your desktop PC attached to the Wagner network for use on-site unless grant restrictions prohibit it. 
        • You drop off any portable devices requiring maintenance.
        • You maintain a clean keyboard and mouse if they require hands-on assistance from Wagner IT.
        • You provide us with feedback through this form: We'll use this information to evaluate and manage service continuity.


          Service Limitations and Exclusions

          Wagner IT does not cover the following services:

          • Student laptops.
          • Support for any computer off-premises, unless it is related to an official Wagner event.
          • Support when we suspect that an issue has been caused by unsupported third-party hardware.  
          • Off-campus remote support (using remote tools to troubleshoot issues for users at home or off-site).
          • Picking up or dropping off hardware to anywhere outside of The Puck Building. 
          • Support for dual/multi-boot systems. We do not support computers that have been partitioned with multiple operating systems, regardless of hardware and operating systems involved.
          • Support for systems where third party software has been deemed to cause issues that we are unable to address.
          • Printer support is limited to linking your computer to shared printers, standard troubleshooting, and the replacement of toner for common printers. Wagner Facilities replaces toner and coordinates repairs in all copiers.
          • We are unable to guarantee service levels when equipment failure is related to abuse or staffing levels are low due to unexpected illness and weather conditions.