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Amazon Rainforest

PADM-GP 2249 | Syllabus

Two Courses and An Integrated Experience

In Spring 2021, PADM-GP 2249 Scaling Social Enterprises (3 credits) will be a virtual course abroad in the Amazon. In this course, students will be placed in teams and work online alongside students from local universities to investigate the achievements, challenges, and growth opportunities faced by social enterprises devoted to the food sector in the region. The course culminates with the online students teams authoring a business case on their assigned social enterprise. 

The field activities will include:

  • Conduct synchronous/live interviews with social entrepreneurs operating in the Amazon  and other actors engaged in different parts of the food value chain.
  • Watch informal videos produced by their Brazilian counterparts and intended to provide students with a deeper understanding of value chain issues related to the cases being investigated. 
  • Produce informal videos to showcase US-based entities (such as food markets, stores, distribution centers, etc.) to their Brazilian counterparts.

The exact itinerary for this course is still to be determined. 

Students in Scaling Social Enterprises will be required to take PADM-GP 2312 Managing Financial & Social Returns of Social Enterprises (3 credits) as a co-requisite. In this course students examine existing business cases from throughout the developed and developing world to understand how social enterprises attract capital, manage their operations to create impact, and measure financial, social and environmental returns.  The Managing Financial & Social Returns of Social Enterprises course is also available to students who do not want to take the virtual course abroad, but taking both courses is highly encouraged.

Brazilian Social enterprises participating in the course are:


New York City, Belém, and Santarém (Brazil)

Belem and Santarem



The course takes place over the Spring 2021 semester: January 25 - May 10, 2021. 

  • Managing Financial and Social Returns course will meet Mondays, 4:55PM – 6:35PM. 
  • Scaling Social Enterprise course will meet on Wednesdays from 8:00 – 10:00 AM. 

Most of Scaling Social Enterprises' course period (Wed, 8:00 to 10:00) will be devoted to field activities (i.e. interviews / virtual visits) scheduled during this period and team work. On occasion, however, students will be asked to meet with entrepreneurs or team mates on other days/times as schedules permit.


  • Salo Coslovsky, Associate Professor of Urban Planning and Public Service
  • Scott Taitel, Clinical Professor, NYU Wagner and Director Social Impact, Innovation & Investment


TuitionThis is a 3-credit course.

NYU students: this course counts toward your Spring 2021 course load and tuition. Tuition will be due based on the Bursar's Payment Schedule for Spring 2021. Bursar’s payment deadline dates.


Program fee: There is no program fee associated with these courses.


All Wagner students will be able to register for the courses in Albert on December 7, 2020. Students are expected to take PADM-GP.2312 Managing Financial and Social Returns of the Social Enterprises concurrently, but can reach out to the Professor for a waiver consideration.

NYU students interested in this course will need to go through Wagner's cross-registration process

This course is open to all NYU students. For all inquiries about the program, contact wagner.international@nyu.edu.