Syllabi by Topic Area

Syllabi for courses in other departments can sometimes be difficult to find online. Syllabi for courses commonly taken in other departments by NYU Wagner doctoral students are linked below. Doctoral students are encouraged to add to this collection by submitting syllabi.


Econometrics I (ECON-GB.3351)

Applied Statistics and Econometrics (G31.1102)

Advanced Topics in Econometrics (G31.3002)


Mathematics for Economists (G31.1001)

Microeconomics (G31.1003)

Microeconomic Theory (ECON-GA.1003)

Labor Economics I (ECON-GA.1701)

Labor Economics II (ECON-GA.1702)


Casual Inference: Methods for Program Evaluation and Policy Research (RESCH-GE.2012)

Quantitative Field Methods (POL-GA.3202)

Survey Research Methods (RESCH-GE.2139)


Public Policy (POL-GA.2371)