1. Borrow the stylus, remote control unit, wireless keyboard, and mouse from the frontdesk on the 2nd Floor. (Clicker and HDMI cables are also available for presentations.)
  2. Turn on the Smartboard using the power button in the bottom left corner.  
  3. Turn on the wireless mouse using the on/off button on the bottom of the mouse. 


Accessing Your Files

If you have a file to display on the Smartboard, you may access it through a web browser on the screen or insert a flash drive in the USB port of the computer (behind the screen, top left).


Using Whiteboard Mode

On bottom left of the screen, click Smartboard Pen to activate the whiteboard. (To protect the screen, use only the stylus—not your hand.)


Using Overlay Mode

On bottom left of the screen, click  Overlay Board to activate the overlay mode, which allows you to use the stylus to write on the screen.


Exposing Menus

Use the stylus to press the arrow tab at the left arrow-left or right side  arrow-right of the screen to expose menu options.



Saving Whiteboard Files

Click the “Save” disc icon  save  from the exposed menus , and choose an option to save your file to the Smartboard.  


  1. Turn off the wireless mouse. 
  2. Turn off the Smartboard screen.
  3. Return all borrowed items to the frontdesk.


Troubleshooting a Blank Screen

  1. Ensure the computer (behind the screen, top left) is turned on. You should see a blue light.
  2. Press the “Input” button on the remote control, and confirm the screen is set to HDMI 1.


Troubleshooting Use of Your Computer

Using your computer is not recommended for basic presentations, as it disables all functionality of the Smartboard except the display of your desktop. If you need to use your computer, use HDMI 2 or VGA cables connected to the Smartboard, and select the corresponding input on the remote unit.